Cultural Competencies in Healthcare

Cultural diversity is important and this understanding is not only important for the general public but it is also exceptionally important for healthcare workers.

This video provides a few tips about cultural diversity.

It is appropriate for those who hold a career in the medical field, such as nurses and physicians, and have constant contact with patients, but it provides thinking points for nursing students just starting out.

As you can see, once you get accepted into nursing school, have your books, and begin your lpn classes online and classroom instruction, you will never be done learning. Sure, you can follow a guide about how many years it takes to become a nurse, graduate, and get a job, but it will take years before you become an experienced nurse.

During that time, you’ll constantly learn about your patients and how certain cultures do certain things or act certain ways.

You’ll also learn that the concept of stereotyping — which you are doing when classifying certain cultures certain way is in accurate, as well.

It’s important to have a good understanding of a culture’s tendencies but recognize the individual’s needs and make sure they are met.

Discrimination and stereotyping

Stereotyping is when someone is generalized for belonging to a special group or type and discrimination is when we are behaving a little differently towards that person because she or he is different or belong to a specific group or genre.

Dangerous stereotypes exist about different cultures or even countries as a whole, such as: all Mexicans are lazy and illegal immigrants of USA, all Muslims are terrorists, all English citizens have bad teeth, all Asians are Mathematics wizards and all Jews are greedy.

Such stereotypes are often publicized in media, but most certainly leave the message in everyone’s minds.

Stereotyping is not only hurtful to its victim; it is also unjust and wrong. Stereotyping creates divisions in a society based on presumptions where people decide for themselves what a person is like, rather than getting to know him or her.

Source: How long is nursing school?

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