Ways To Pay for Education While in Nursing School

The cost of nursing school is expensive, but there are a few methods that the current generation of students use to pay their bills. They have found ways to pay for education, without loans or asking mom and dad for money.

We’ll list common ways to pay for school but the uncommon ones can be far more lucrative — financially and personally. These, also, are a better fit because of the schedule of nursing school, taking courses such as licensed practical nursing programs online, and clinical rotations. And let’s face it: Any money to help defray the cost of nursing school is worth it. Let’s start with them.

Become an entrepreneur

You don’t need an “official job” to make money. Being self-employed has benefits unlike a traditional job.

You have many different avenues to generate income for school. Here are examples, thanks to Bought on Credit.

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  • Use craigslist to find daily gigs, like mowing laws, helping move stuff, baby-sitting, or pet-sitting while they are on vacation.
  • People are always posting “help wanted” jobs that pay in cash, which is everybody’s favorite.
  • The corkboards on campus may be another hidden gem to find jobs. Often, other students will post cash jobs on there.
  • If you wander down to the art department, you’ll find they need models and are willing to pay for your time.
  • But if you don’t feel comfortable as a model, consider being on the other side of the camera.
  • You can take your camera to sports events or other school functions, get pictures and sell them to the local newspaper.
  • You may even consider doing portrait photography around the campus for a nominal fee. Walk around with your camera, find lovebirds, and offer to snap a shot for $5.
  • If you know how to create websites, you could do that. You would need to sell them or get traffic to them. But marketing websites can be very good financially.
  • YouTube is another avenue for money. Many vloggers vlog about their daily lives and get paid through AdSense to do so. It does take work to build a following, though.

Remember, Michael Dell — founder and CEO of Dell Inc. — started his business of putting computers together and selling upgraded PC kits in his dorm room. That’s inspiration right there.

Federal work study program

When you applied for financial aid, you probably were awarded a work-study allotment. This allows you to work on campus for minimum wage. It’s not a bad gig if you need money to get through your education.

Get a job

Paying for college while working nights sucks. But it is far better than paying loans off when nursing school is done. Although college is a full-time endeavor, it’s still possible to work 20 hours a week and go to school full-time. Restaurants make good locations for jobs because you can work a Friday and Saturday night rather than going out partying, which cost money.

Paid internship

Some programs offer paid internships, especially at the graduate school level. If these are available, apply early and try to get one. Tip: Network with your favorite professor to see if he (or anybody he knows) needs an assistant.

Become a tutor at your school. If you already have a degree and are becoming a registered nurse as a second career, you may be able to apply to become a tutor, teaching what you have a degree in. This is beneficial and lucrative. You’ll meet new people and make money.

These are all good methods to pay for your nursing school education.

Photo credit: Blemished Paradise