While some forms of discrimination is open and direct, there are still some forms of discrimination in society that is subtle and often impossibly difficult to determine, such as the types of discrimination based on the physical appearance of an individual. It is usually very indirect and masked.

Discrimination based on the physical attractiveness or physical defect of a person is thoughtless and shallow, but is nevertheless present in many aspects of modern life.

For men in a female dominated workplace such as hospital nursing, men are in a minority and may be called upon to help lift a patient.

Personal lives

Both in personal lives or in case of jobs, attractive men and women have better progress than people who are less attractive than them. In case of choosing a partner, both men and women voluntarily or involuntarily look for attractive features in the opposite sex (or the same sex).

The reason behind this may be the ancient trait of mankind to father attractive children, but nonetheless, almost everyone place importance on the attractiveness of their partners when it comes to choice.

Even in the workplace, it is seen that attractive people are preferred to less attractive people.

It is sometimes thought that if a person is good looking, she or he may possess other good qualities too. Attractive male and female candidates are preferred in case of jobs that require contacting clients and customers on a face-to-face basis; such as a receptionist, restaurant hostess and others.

Though some career choices require a minimum standard height of its candidates such as in the fields of defense, modeling or sports, other career opportunities also prefer their applicants to demonstrate a good height. Especially in case of men, a height of less than 5’8”, which is standard in the US, can be a victim of discrimination.

In case of romance or searching for one’s partner in life, a short stature can be a deal breaker. Almost all women prefer their partners to be tall, and some men also have the same criteria for women.


Obesity or overweight is a medical concern as well as a reason to fall victim of discrimination. Obesity is considered to be an unattractive feature in both men and women in almost all aspects of life.

In case of a job application, obese people, even with a higher educational degree or qualification than others, may be considered to be slow and as a result inefficient.

Even at jobs that has nothing to do with the physical appearance of a person or require them to be slender, many men and women face discriminative behavior from their supervisors and peers.

Age and race

Other main discriminations based on human appearance can be based on age and color.
Many organizations have a certain age range of employees that they employ or prefer to employ.

According to them, employees past a certain age limit become slow and unproductive in their work and are not very open to new ideas. Also, as they have experience, they demand a higher wage but prove to be a bad investment as they are unlikely to continue working for a long time. On the other hand, young people lack experience and do not have the confidence to take important decisions in times of need.

Discrimination based on color, or racism, is probably one of the most important forms of discriminations and one that is most common. People belonging to minor ethnicity or a different skin color face various forms of discriminations in the workplace regarding hiring, firing, promotion or benefits.

Perhaps another very serious discrimination is seen against the physically disabled. Under the American with Disabilities Act(ADA), all employees who are subjected to any forms of physical disability is protected in terms of hiring, firing, promotion, wage or benefits; but in many organizations, people with minor physical disabilities are straight right denied of a job or a further promotion thinking that they would fail to show productivity or perform their duty efficiently.

Discrimination, especially discrimination based on physical aspects or physical appearances of a person is one of the most unfair aspects of modern life, but nonetheless is visible almost everywhere.